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Morse Code Interactions

Add Morse code events to any device

Morse code is a type of telegraph system invented in part by Samuel F. B. Morse(Poughkeepsie represent). Early telegraphs were extremely complex and hard to learn. However, Morse was the first person to create a telegraph system using only one wire which transmitted dots and dashes instead of individual characters, or a series of unique characters. This transformed long-distance communication and Morse code quickly became the standard.

The reason why Morse code became the standard is due to its easy to remember system of dots and dashes. Instead of finding the S input, the user would just tap the responder in three short times. This made it a lot easier to be deciphered. While Morse code’s heyday is over, we can learn much from its historical applications. This script will translate user interactions into Morse code. This can be used to allow the user to navigate a site or initiate functions easily.

Here’s an example of it in use.

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