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Thripp For Congress

Branding A First Time Congressional Candidate

Working with Richard Thripp, a first-time progressive congressional candidate, was an inspiring and rewarding experience. Richard’s passion for representing his community and fighting for progressive policies is evident in his dedication and enthusiasm. His fresh perspective brings innovative ideas and a genuine desire for positive change, and I wanted the visual elements of his campaign to reflect that.



We chose yellow as the central accent color for Richard’s brand, drawing inspiration from both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the vibrant Florida sun. Yellow is often associated with energy, positivity, and creativity. Our accent color contrasts our primary color, Navy, and blends well with our secondary color, Teal, creating a harmonious and balanced visual experience.


When selecting Richard’s font, we wanted to strike the perfect balance of strength and approachability to represent our bold vision for change while remaining accessible and welcoming to all. We decided to only use san-serif fonts to promote a young look. We chose a combination Katahdin Bold and HK Explorer to represent the brand.


With our fonts and colors chosen, we crafted a logo that’s as versatile as Richard himself. Our carefully selected fonts and colors were strategically chosen to ensure that all eyes are on the foremost thing we want voters to remember in the ballot box: Richard’s last name. We wanted our messaging to shine through our vibrant hues and stylish fonts, leaving no doubt about our candidate’s identity. Richard’s name takes center stage in our logo, boldly proclaiming his presence and leaving an indelible mark on voters’ minds.

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