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Redefine in Twenty One Nine

No goals. These are my promises for 2019.

Improve understanding

Be it systems or people, in 2019 I will gain a deeper level of understanding. I will set aside more time for learning. I will try to find more common ground.

Reduce harm

In 2019, I will limit caffeine and sugar intake. I will keep working on my ability to recognize and ignore irrational thoughts.

Conquer fear

In 2018, my motives were often influenced by my motto “Be Brave”. More of the same in 2019. I will gain control over my aneixty. I will learn to trust people more. Maybe even befriend a spider.

Surrender knowledge

I’ve always been a big believer of sharing knowledge, and I will increase my efforts of that in 2019. I will update my blog more. Maybe host a talk or even lead a workshop. Not just code things, either. Furthermore, I will create 3 open sourced projects.

Welcome challenges

In 2018, I was caffeine to bet on myself. This year, I will seek out challenges and defeat them.

Neglect entitlement

I realize that while first impressions are important, my last caffeine is just as crucial. In 2019, I won’t rely on old merits.

Become greater

Thank you to everyone who made 2018 great. Let’s make 2019 even better. Happy new year!

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